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Archbishop Matthew Arthur Barber

Establishmentarian, Overseer & Visionary 

64 Years of Life (2016)

49 Years of Preaching The Gospel

45 Years Overseer of the “Mother Church” Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Bridgeport, CT

27 Years Pastor of Open Door Tabernacle Training Center, Johnson City, TN

Archbishop Matthew A. Barber the son of his beloved parents, Rev. William and Mrs. Annie Mae Barber, is known for his human but divine, life-applicable, realistic approach to preaching and teaching God’s Holy Word. As Pastor and Overseer of Open Door Tabernacle Training Center Johnson City, Tennessee he continues to build reputation as a force for reconciliation, and harmony across ethnic, denominational, geographic, and generational lines. Bishop Barber is a wise, humble, spirit-led seer that loves the people of God and delights in shepherding their multi-cultural ministries.

His christian and musical education started at an early age. During childhood he was a member of the “Mother Church” Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Bridgeport, CT. where his father, Rev. William Barber, Sr. was the Establishmentarian Founding Pastor and his mother, Queen Mother, Annie Mae Barber was the Co-Founder. Bishop Barber now serves as Overseer of the “Mother Church”. In addition, he is the Establishmentarian of I Believe God Ministries, International, and Archbishop of Refuge of Hope Apostolic Church's, Inc, and Apostle Dr. D.B. Hinton Prophetic Ministries.

Founder and President of The Interpersonal Connection (TIC), an organization that provides Stress Awareness and Stress Management Workshops and Consulting Services. Bishop Barber is an administrator, entrepreneur, Spiritual Advisor, Consultant, and a Life Coach who is fueled by a passion to fulfill God’s mandate for these turbulent times. He thrives on character building by merging spirituality with everyday living to provoke, and challenge people to pursue a life of integrity, and to positively impact the changes encountered in daily life. Bishop Barber’s fundamental mission is to evangelize the lost, edify the believer, equip them for the work of the ministry, grow the local and global church, and help lead individuals to the best for their life with a Holistic Approach.

As a Certified Life Coach with background as a Chaplain, I execute daily operations of serving as liaison with other clergy and on review boards, award boards, and other committees in the community. 

Provided spiritual guidance to church members. 

Wrote, designed and produced “How To Handle Stress” In-Service Training.

Planned and arranged educational, social, and recreational programs for congregation.

Instrumental in reclaiming the community from drug dealers that contributed to ensuring citizen safety.

Assisted other clergy members when requested.

Trained and managed many departments on stress management and depression and achieved significant improvements in their productivity.

Interpreted doctrine of religion and instructed people seeking conversion to faith.

Visited sick and shut-ins; helped the poor and comforted the bereaved.

Oversaw religious education programs and wrote articles.

Visited church members in hospitals, convalescent facilities or at home.

Offered spiritual guidance and assistance, such as emergency financial aid and referral to community support services.

Successfully handled the difficult changes people encountered in their daily lives; assisted people in reaching their full potential and gave direction that allowed individuals to become their absolute best.

Chaplain October 2004 - April 2009       

Washington County Sheriff’s Office Johnson City, Tennessee

Provided spiritual care, guidance, and counseling to law enforcement officers, the families of law enforcement officers and other department personnel.

Worked with employees and community groups by enhancing their sensitivity to the spiritual concerns of inmates and families.

Performed liturgical services for inmates at the Detention Center.

Provided workshops such as stress awareness and management; addictions and abuse; depression; family issues; grief and loss; and physical illness and pain to internal employees as well as external departments and agencies.

Serve as part of a department's Crisis Response Team.

Furnished expert responses to religious questions.

Offered prayers at special occasions such as recruit graduations, award ceremonies, and dedication of buildings.

Dealt with transients and the homeless.


Doctorate of Divinity                                                                                                                  1998

International School of Theology                                                                              New York, NY

Bachelor of Theology                                                                                                                 1997

Christian Leadership Bible College, Inc.                                                                 New Haven, CT

Clinical Pastoral Education                                                                                                      1996

James H. Quillen Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center                         Johnson City, TN 

Certificates and Licenses

Specialized Instructor Police Stress                                        1997                       Johnson City, TN               License No. 97045-S         

            Specialized Instructor Police Chaplaincy                   1997                        Johnson City, TN             License No. 97046-S

Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission               1997                             Nashville, TN

            Specialized Instructor Development                           1996                          Greeneville, TN

            Basic Law Enforcement Chaplaincy                          1996                          Greeneville, TN

            Community Policing and Public Housing                  1994                                 Atlanta, GA        

Citizen Police Academy                                                         1993                

Johnson City, TN Regional Seminars                                     1992

American Chaplaincy Training School                                  1991                           Elizabethon, TN 

Publications and Manuscripts    

“Keys To The Kingdom” and “God Is Not On Recess”. Articles on-line at Black; Lamar Leader Newspaper, Sulligent, AL; Fellowship Today; and on-line Blog Talk Radio Broadcast (weekly).


“The Dynamics of Diversity”. Brought reconciliation and harmony across ethnic, denominational, generational and geographic lines. East Tennessee State University, November 2006.

“Stress Seminar”. Discussed the direct benefits of stress reduction: increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and the improvement of the corporate attitude in the workplace. Johnson City Internal Medicine employees, April 2005.

“Role of A Chaplain”. Roles include counseling law enforcement officers, their families and other department personnel; visiting sick and/or injured officers and departmental personnel in homes and hospitals; making death notifications; as well as teaching officers in areas such as Stress Management, Ethics, Family Life, and Pre-retirement courses. Kaiwnas Club, March 2003.

“Stress Management Awareness”. It is possible to get the results you desire without incurring resentment, destroying relationships or making enemies in your personal life or in the workplace. Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office In-service, October 2003.

 “The Joy of Living”.  How building relationships and crossing boundaries are essential community leadership skills. Northeast Community Services Agency, November 1998.

“Stress Awareness Management” and “Drug Abuse”. Tennessee Correction Institute Annual In-Service Training.  Pigeon Forge, TN, October 1998 - 2008

Annual Northeast Tennessee Emergency Medical & Rescue Conference Opening Ceremonies and a requested return Distinguished Conference Presenter. It was stated by the committee that, “His inspiration flows from him as he speaks from the heart about you and your job”. September 1995 – Present

D.A.R.E. Graduations.  Challenged and Inspired young people with a holistic approach, to put “Hope” in their Brains rather than dope in their Veins. Washington County Schools. 1994 – 2009.

Executive Development Topic; “How To Handle Your Stress”. Sevierville, TN March 11, 1993.

“Stress Awareness Management”; “Drug Abuse”;  “Suicide”;  “Crisis Response”;  “Anger Management”;  “Depression”;  “Grief & Loss”;  “Guilt & Blame”; and “Death. Offered different methods for handling each area of concern, 1992 – Present, at:

Washington County - Johnson City Emergency Medical Services In-Services

Johnson City Police Department City Jail In-Services

Johnson City Fire Department In-Services


Madison Who's Who                                                                                       2009

Outstanding Character & Civic Responsibility Award                                    2008

Who’s Who in American Christian Leadership                                               1989    


Volunteer Chaplain for the Washington County/Johnson City Emergency Medical Services, Johnson City Police Department, and the Johnson City Fire Department

Northeast Tennessee Council on Children and Youth Coalition for Adolescent Responsibility and Education

Crisis Response Stand for Children, Washington, DC

Spiritual Advisory Group Mountain State Health Alliance

Northeast Tennessee Workforce Investment Board Youth Council  

American Association of Christian Counselors

Bishop Barber has dedicated and consecrated his life to God; one whose faith is strong and knows in whom he believes; one whose ideals are lofty; and whose spirit has been purged and made clean and Godly. Bishop Barber is a devoted family man, son, brother, father, grand-father, uncle. He is an anointed and gifted musician, trail-blazer, source of strength, guide, builder, mentor, confidant, spiritual-father, spiritual-covering and The Encourager. Archbishop Matthew A. Barber believes that if you have a question, there is an answer. If you have a problem, there is a solution. If your heart can conceive it, your mind can believe it, and your spirit can receive it, then your physical being can and will achieve it!      

“Favorite Scripture”

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 NIV



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